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We empower people to achieve exceptional results.

Performance Wellbeing is not your ordinary consultancy business.
We empower people to achieve exceptional results. 

Corporate Training

Discover how we can accelerate organisational well-being to enhance performance.

Performance Training

Accelerating organisational performance by maximising people performance.

Individual Coaching

Suppporting individuals to flourish by developing a performance mindset.

Keynote Address

Engaging keynote presentations to enhance People Performance.

Specialist Events



We offer flexibly delivered and individually tailored training for teams, businesses and organisations.


Our retreats are designed to refresh and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Reserve your place on our three day retreat at Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand's most stunning luxury resort. We will take you on a weekend of relaxation, indulgence and revitalisation.

Individual Coaching

High performance in teams and organisations is only possible when leaders have the skills to create an environment where success is inevitable and people can thrive. We develop high-performers equipped to lead in businesses in an ever-changing world. Our expert consultants draw on the latest thinking in neuroscience, performance psychology and high performance sport to help leaders navigate the challenges they face at each organisational level.

Keynote Address

Are you looking for someone to kick start your conference or workshop with simple yet powerful messages around performance or wellbeing? Our engaging, energetic and humorous speakers will draw on their knowledge and experiences to explain the science in practical terms, leaving your staff equipped with new skills, understanding and enthusiasm.

Individual Consultations​

Performance Wellbeing offers unique individually formulated interventions based on science to support individuals to enhance performance and wellbeing. We draw from empirically validated approaches including; Positive Psychology, high performance and mental skills to develop a individualised intervention plan and coaching.
  • Individually tailored consultations and support informed by empirically validated interventions.
  • Consultations available face to face, via zoom or phone.

Individual Coaching​

We equip people with the skills and tools to develop a performance mindset. We specialise in helping people to perform at their best, build resilience and successfully manage all areas of life.


Prioritising technical and tactical areas of sport over learning about their people is a common mistake often made by coaches and team management. Performance Wellbeing develops coaches who focus on building people – not just athletes – to be the best they can be.


Performance Wellbeing specialises in developing the key qualities and characteristics that teams require to perform at a high level consistently. This includes ensuring your team has clear vision, values and processes to operate both collectively and consistently.

Group Training

We work with groups of all sizes to provide both frameworks and day-to-day skills to help organisations perform at a high level consistently. By bringing the science of wellbeing and performance together in a practical sense, staff are immediately better placed for success. We provide a menu of options to cater to the needs of any organisations large or small.

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