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Performance Pathways

Building resilient young people

Course Facilitated by Anna Simcic, former Olympian and John Quinn Mental Skills Coach

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Price includes 8 sessions and printable work book valued at $49.99.

What is Performance Pathways

Performance Pathways is a program designed to empower young people with the tools and resources to perform to their potential in school, sport, culture and life. Through our experience working in High Performance sport and education we have established this program in response to a growing need to support and educate young people to be their best they can be and flourish as they navigate through life and the challenges life throws at them.

The team at Performance Wellbeing have developed a “Performance Pathways” program for young people which will target developing soft skills to ensure that each individual can perform to their potential and understand their wellbeing and resilience.

Learning Objectives

The Program will cover topics such as:

    • Building resilience and grit
    • Developing a sense of self and identification
    • Developing success habits
    • Growing a performance mindset
    • Values and strengths
    • Finding a healthy balance
    • Mind Gym to perform
    • Training to be great
    • Leadership

Using the science of Positive Psychology, neuroscience and high performance sport, we want to give our young people tools to thrive in our every changing world.

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