Growth Mindset Training

New Zealand’s only accredited partner with the Growth Mindset Institute

How we differ:

  • Science informed
  • Participatory design for applied mindset delivery
  • Researcher led delivery and coaching
  • Behaviour change tools, not just theory
  • Psychological frameworks and tools

Adopting a Growth Mindset is harder than it looks. Our flexibly delivered, customised training is for any individual, team, or organisation looking to understand their Fixed Mindset triggers. Our workshops will help you develop strategies to move back toward a Growth Mindset, which in turn, enhances adaptability, growth and performance.

Many organisations aspire to foster a growth mindset, but it’s essential to have the proper tools and training to ensure its success. Research shows that a persistent growth-mindset culture is characterised by enhanced innovation, collaboration, engagement, and risk-taking to encourage positive high-performance behaviours.The benefits of a growth-mindset culture are indisputable for any individual, team and organisation. But culture change and sustainable behavioural change takes time and commitment. Changes require repetition of message and practice to shift beliefs and behaviour. With our support, you will develop the skills and confidence to create and lead an innovative and agile team and culture. With access to our highly effective, science-based toolkit, you’ll accelerate your organisation’s growth mindset journey.

A growth mindset thrives on challenge and views failure as a springboard for stretching existing abilities in an ever-changing world.Those with a growth mindset are more likely to see every environment as a learning ground, scanning for opportunities to improve their skills and enhance their performance.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin (1809 – 1992)

We possess a growth mindset when we implicitly believe that we and others can change, develop, and improve our talents, abilities, and intelligence.

We possess a fixed mindset when we implicitly believe that we and others cannot change, develop, and improve our talents, abilities, and intelligence.

These implicit beliefs are filters through which we interpret our world, they influence how we think, learn, and behave, depending upon the belief we hold.

Our growth-mindset training options are available in different formats to suit your needs.
· Individual and Leadership Team Coaching
Tailored programs to meet your organization’s needs
· Workshops – full and half day

Through the process of assessment, reflection, learning, embedding and living, our team will support your organisation to:

  • Developing a culture of emotional safety and vulnerability.
  • Drive performance culture.
  • Embed and live a performance mindset.
    Build adaptability and purposeful change.


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